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Three years after “The Book of Wonders” – whose review you can find on our portal – Oshiego return from Singapore with “Jaljalut”, fifth studio album for the Asian act. Produced by the unknown Seven Kings Productions, “Jaljalut” makes us find the Oshiego exactly where we left them, that is dealing with an old school Death Metal in which the granite roughness of the Swedish school (Dismember, Grave) is combined with a certain Death. / Thrash (first Pestilence, very first Death, Vader, Master …), with the result of having 3/4 of an hour direct and very bold in which the duo – aided by the session on the drums Krzysztof Klingbein (Deathspawn and live drummer by Vader) – does not grant a single moment of pause to the listener. The only problem lies in a tracklist a bit too long: a couple of songs less without reaching 45 minutes of total duration perhaps helped more, also given the tendency to make the pieces resemble each other quite similarly – mostly as regards arrangements and structures -; hence that half point less, albeit overall “Jaljalut” is a work that flows thanks to the genuine “crude” sound that Ours give us – we point out the opener “Clerics of Corruption”, the following “The tribulation” and “Wrath of Khan” -. Between sharp riffs and frenzied drumming launched from the first to the last second, excellent passages that break the tension with a good groove, “Jaljalut” will certainly be able to spark the interest of more than a deathster:

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