Crossing the Bridge of Siraat

Death Metal titans Oshiego make their triumphant return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the crushing new album “Crossing The Bridge Of Siraat”. Following the darkened path chosen on 2013’s “The Great Architect Of Nothing”, Oshiego are even more devastating than ever before. Merciless riffs, Middle-Eastern stylings, groove and melody combine with an uncompromising old school approach resulting in total sonic torment! Eleven years of Death Thrashing madness culminate in the 8 ripping tracks that make up “Crossing The Bridge Of Siraat” plus a cover of Heathen, originally recorded by Death Metal legends Master. For fans of Behemoth, Bloodbath, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Grave, Immortal, Incantation, Kreator, Krisiun, Melechesh, Napalm Death, Nasum, Nile, Pestilence, Vader and Vomitory. There will be destruction!

“Excellent album, masterpiece, production is top notch and artwork very interesting as well, I would love to see OSHIEGO performing live one day, all the best guys!!!”

Line Up
Umar Khan – Vocals
Bryan Gan – Guitars & Bass

All original music & lyrics written by Umar Khan.
*Heathen (Master Cover) written by Paul Soeckman and Jim Martinelli.
All Tracks perfomed by Oshiego

All Tracks recorded at I.P.A.B Productions.
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Umar Khan.
Artwork by ShaolinLambkiller.

The Tree of Zaqqum

Crossing the Bridge of Siraat

Release Date : April 7, 2015

Available on CD | Digital Download | All Major Streaming Platforms

1.Days of Ignorance 05:24
2.Hypocrisy 03:25
3.The Tree of Zaqqum 04:22
4.The Field Of Mahsyar 04:40
5.Genocide, Torture, Rapture… 04:45
6.Crossing the Bridge of Siraat 04:43
7.The Pharaoh System 03:31
8.Inspiration from the Dark 04:47
9.Heathen (Master cover)* 04:20