Woe To The Conquered

Oshiego’s debut full-length album release, features 7 original tracks of pure brutal unapologetic Death Metal and a cover of Grave’s “Into the Grave”.

A decent album for when you just want to ball your fist and crush something (or someone). -autothrall (http://www.fromthedustreturned.com)

Line Up
Kadir AlSagoff – Vocals
Umar Khan – Guitars
Ridhuan Syah – Bass
Vijesh – Drums

All original music & lyrics written by Umar Khan.
*Into the Grave (Grave Cover) written by Jensa Paulsson , Jörgen Sandström and Ola Lindgren.
All Tracks perfomed by Oshiego

The Scion ov Balance

Woe To The Conquered

Release Date : July 27, 2011

Available on Digital Download | All Major Streaming Platforms

1. Blood Omen 04:53
2. In Death, My Dominion 03:43
3. Vae Victus 04:24
4. The Absolute 04:02
5. The Abyss 04:07
6. Decapitating The Sarafan 04:55
7. The Scion ov Balance 05:13
8. Into The Grave (Grave Cover) 03:56*