Oshiego’s fifth full length album Jaljalut will be released worldwide on January 14th 2022 through Seven Kings Productions.
To date Oshiego has released 3 singles. Check them out!
Clerics Of Corruption


Jaljalut was recorded mainly in Singapore through end of 2020 and mid 2021 with the exception of the drums being done in Slupsk, Poland. Mixed and mastered by our very own Supreme Leader Umar Khan at Seven Kings Productions. Jaljalut  features the addition of Oshiego’s newest member Zul on guitars and the drumming (session) of the young and talented Polish drummer Krzysztof Klingbein who is also the session drummer for the legendary death metal band Vader.

will feature 12 crushing tracks of Oshiego’s own brand of death metal. Middle eastern stylings packed with intense groove, brutality, melodies and defiance, guaranteed to strike at the hearts of men.
Prepare to Be Annihilated!


Track List:
1. Clerics of Corruption
2. World Demise
3. The Book of the Sun and Gnosis and the Subtleties of Elevated Things
4. Litany of the Sea
5. The Scourge
6. A Death Sentence
7. Wrath of Khan
8. A Notice of War
9. The Tribulation
10. Of the Flesh
11. Provenance
12. Jaljalut

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