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At this point it is not surprising to hear quality bands coming out of Singapore, since this country has always had a presence within the underground , proof of this is that they have labels, magazines, events and above all bands of good caliber, among them Oshiego , who They present us their fifth studio album called “Jaljalut” .

The band is made up of: Umar Khan on vocals and Zul Bharoocha on guitar and bass, while they had Polish guest Krzysztof Klingbein (Deathspawn) on drums. The entire production was handled by Umar Khan .

It is true that Oshiego ‘s death metal is something already well known, despite the influences of Middle Eastern music, however the fact of not abusing this, as is the case with other bands using those sounds, makes them a more solid band in their proposal, and in fact their music is full of good riffs , in the classic vein of death metal , feeling very clear at times something of the Swedish Grave, and even the Polish Vader, but with guitar solos really more than forceful. In that sense I highlight songs like “The Tribulation” ,  “The Book of the Sun and Gnosis and the Subtleties of Elevated Things” , “Litany of the Sea”, this last one with that perfect fusion between oriental sounds with death metal , and with quite remarkable touches of technique. The majestic start of “Wrath of Khan” and then putting all the fist to the heavy, describes this band as if it were one of the big names of the genre, however many will only find out about this band when reading this review .

Without a doubt, “Jaljalut” is a tremendous death metal album , the only thing against it is the number of songs, but with this quality, nothing could be boring. Recommendable.


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